News: Review of Sativa 45's 'Problem?'

Review of Sativa 45's 'Problem?'

This is definitely a song that will grow on you.

As I write this review, I'm actually going back and rewriting things I previously thought about this song because it keeps getting better the more I listen to it. So, I suggest going to his SoundCloud and downloading the mp3 to put on repeat. 'Problem?' starts off very heavy on the snare and dub-type stabs, like most dubstep songs. 

As the grimy bass comes in, you don't think much of it and feel it's just another under produced garage dubstep song. This is all until the wobble bass pre-drop comes in (1:22). In my opinion this bass defines the whole song, and I feel it should be included at the intro as well. It really gives weight to the filthy bass that goes throughout the song.

The voice samples in the song are perfectly placed and add to the song's character. The amount of reverb placed on both the voice samples and the instruments also do justice to the sound. It is not too muddy or exaggerated. 

This song will definitely go in my playlist, but I can't see myself mixing it into a set until a few things were taken care of:

  • Some more variation on the grimy bass (glitching or wobble)
  • Adding the wob-bass at(1:22) into the intro and possibly near the end
  • Make way for the kick. The grimy bass overwhelms it and it isn't bright enough for the stabs

I want to thank Sativa 45 for letting me review this fine song and I will ask him some production questions in the Forum which I will add to this review to make it a howto on some of the cooler things Sativa 45 does in his song. Thanks for reading everyone!

Jeff Berhow

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