News: Welcome to Dubstep!

Welcome to Dubstep!

Welcome to Dubstep everyone!

This is a World dedicated to the howtos of Dubstep production. I will make updates around the genre and post them as blogs as well as build a database of howto videos on creating Dubstep music, resources and ideas.

Of course, this won't be entirely possible without the help of other producers/DJs of Dubstep music so I invite you all to contribute, enjoy and share!

A note to Dubstep producers/DJs: Although this is a howto World, if you have music or mixes you want to get out to the world, please share them with us! I, personally, love listening to all things Dubstep and will listen to it in its entirety. I will also review it if you'd like. So, please post on the forum that you'd like a review and link it to the Corkboard.

Thank you all for joining and for helping me build this World!

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